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Billboard Project

We have been working with Prolife Across America "The Billboard People".

After we invited them into our area, Prolife Across America, at their own expense, put up three billboards on the I-70 Business Loop. These are full-color with pictures of babies and a gentle message.  The themes are informative, educational and create awareness for pro-life issues. An example billboard is shown below.


Grand Valley Students for Life

Students for Life is a national organization whose mission is “to end abortion by educating students about the issues of abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide; identifying pro-life student leaders; equipping student pro-lifers with the training, skills and resources to be effective and successful; and promoting student activity to other local, college and national organizations.”  They are dedicated to educating the nation about abortion and making a difference in our communities.  From the Students for Life website (, “As a Students for Life movement, we want to end abortion by creating a world where every child is loved and cared for, where every mother has the support she needs to raise a child or make an adoption plan for her child, and where every father is encouraged to take part in that decision process and can experience the joys of fatherhood." Our group currently meets twice a month and we are excited about making a difference in the Grand Valley!  For more information, please email us at or see our facebook page (Grand Valley Students for Life)


View our latest newsletter:

September 2017 Newsletter



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Would you like a pro-life vinyl sign to display on your property?  If you have property that is highly visible to onlookers and would like to show your support for the pro-life movement, contact Gene at (970) 858-9102.  Positive messages, like those found on our billboards and on these smaller "mini-billboards", have the potential to reach abortion-minded women as well as to deepen our support in the Grand Valley.